Artist hosted: Francesco Ciavaglioli

Hosting family: Paolo Angeleri, Giulia Lazzari

City: Malnate, Varese

Address: 23, Via Novara

Residency: 2017, April 13 – 17

Hours of availability: On appointment



Wassily Kandinsky, great artist and theorist of colour, wrote about white in Concerning the spiritual in the art (1909):

“White is a symbol of a world from which every colour, as a material quality and substance, has disappeared. This world is so far above us that we cannot perceive any sound coming from it. There is a great silence which, graphically represented, appears to us as an insurmountable, indestructible wall, though infinitely cold, reaching up into eternity. For this reason, white affects us with the absoluteness of a great silence. […] It is not a dead silence, but one full of possibilities. […] It is a ‘blank’, infinitely young, a ‘blank’ which emphasizes the beginning, as yet unborn”.

We don’t know exactly how Paolo and Giulia feel when looking at white, but their perception must be quite similar to the image of the cold wall Kandinsky was talking about in his book Concerning the spiritual in the art. And we cannot even definitely say what white represents for Francesco Ciavaglioli, but we could bet that it looks like a “silence full of possibilities” to him, as Kandinsky wrote. That is how this young couple’s desire to add colour to a wall in their home meets the poetics and language of an artist.

Francesco Ciavaglioli’s artistic language addresses the issue of emerging images and their “disappearance”. Vulgata, the artwork conceived for Giulia and Paolo, represents a reworked version of the main elements of the publishing printing process: a matrix, a backing for printing and reproduction/multiple copies. By applying the matrix (a combination of markers placed in a grid) on a ream of blotting paper, circulation takes on an active role in producing and reproducing images: it reproduces and transforms the original image by absorbing the ink sheet after sheet, and by starting a serial production of unique items – multiple items.

Therefore, the component parts of Vulgata create a lively and vibrant artwork, which is capable of drawing your attention and generate an unstable harmony. This artwork is now the core of the house, a hearth that burns thanks to its shapes and its colour, made using a special kind of paper provided by the Favini company, Art Sweet Art’s partner for this residence.

Giulia and Paolo wished to break the absolute silence of white. They wanted a vibrant, open and dynamic artwork, which could reflect their character. Art Sweet Art gave them the opportunity to meet Francesco Ciavaglioli and his art. So, the warmth of this meeting has lighted up the spaces of their house.

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