The project

by Laura Caruso and Saverio VeriniArt sweet Art is a portal for artists to display their works in private homes to visators.

A homeowner can choose an artist via the website from those who have joined up to the initiative. After assessing the home in question, the artist decides what type of art work to dispaly in the new location. The art has to fulfill both the customers’ needs (the house as a location, the artwork’s theme, etc) as well as those of the artist (who is invited to carry out a piece of art which fully respects their artistic expression).The initial drafting phase is followed by the artist creating their work. The artist is hosted in the customers’ private home, an unprecedented experience which influences the creative process.

During the artists’ stay, the organizers-together with the hosts’ family- promote the art in construction and facilitate workshops in schools, local cultural guides, gatherings with friends, etc. The artworks’ inaugaration can thus become an important community event, a catalyst for social cohesion.

The website offers information regarding the artworks and their locations in different cities, creating a widespread network of museums. Interested visitors can contact the host families directly who are not mere owners but custodians of the artworks and have an important role to play when opening up their homes and explaining the journey which they and the artist undertook together to create the art.The Art sweet Art team takes care of all the various aspects and relationships between home owners and artists gauranteeing a support mechanism in all the phases from the initial contacts made to the artworks’ creation.

The participation has costs related with the hospitality and production of the artwork. This investment is defined on each occasion depending on the conditions (dimension of the artwork, materials used, duration of residence, any travel expenses).

Art sweet Art aims at developing new type of collectors based on:

  • A direct relationship between the artist, customer and public;
  • The customers’ involvement in the creative process;
  • The possibility of owning an art work which has been tailor made at an affordable price, going agaist the idea of collectors’ exclusivity and favouring involvement and inclusion;
  • The notion of art as a social driver in different and often unusual contexts.